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Our Philosophy at Oral and Dental Care Varanasi
In our clinic we use latest technologies and techniques and we are committed to providing the highest possible standard of care for our patients. We believe that every patient is unique and has specific needs, concerns and circumstances. We also believe that treatment must be individually tailored to ensure that your specific needs and circumstances are appropriately met.

Our approach is one of personalised consultation, thorough assessment and comprehensive treatment, rather than “patch up” dentistry. Our goals in treatment are to provide our patients with excellent aesthetics, function and long term treatment solutions.

We also believe that continuing care is an essential part of treatment so that your dental investment is well looked after.


Patient comfort
The facilities and equipment at dental clinic are designed to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Health and Safety
Sterilisation procedures are designed to protect you against the transmission of diseases and infection. Anything that goes inside a patient’s mouth is either disposed of or sterilised between patients in one of our autoclaves. Radiographs are important because they help us to detect conditions that may not be visible in the mouth such as decay between the teeth or under existing fillings, receding bone (due to periodontal disease), infected or abcessed teeth and fractured teeth.


Practice Policies
Appointment Times – For new patients, we would appreciate if you would arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to your designated appointment, so that we may introduce you to our practice and obtain appropriate medical histories and contact information.

Cancellation of Appointments – If you are unable to keep your appointment we would appreciate if you give us one day notice. If you are unable to keep an appointment, it is quite likely that you will have to wait for some time before a replacement appointment

Financial Arrangements – Payment is required on the day of treatment. In most cases, a treatment plan will be provided, which details your upcoming treatment, the time frame of this treatment and the fees for service. Our practice accepts payments by cash and cheque.